We are a family run small neighborhood business which established at the year of 2009. It was such a big risk for us especially during one of the worst economy crisis in the US history. Words cannot express how grateful we are for all the great support from our customers and also our most wonderful workers

Treating customers with great respect and workers like family is our philosophy. Keeping the place and all the machines as clean as possible is our top business priority. We are far from perfect but the amount of our efforts is noticeable.

Our limited budget does not allow us to afford all the fancy new equipment but we make it up with good service and frequent maintenance. It is a fact that older washing machines offer more water and longer rinses hence better and cleaner washes.

We care deeply about the community and the well being of our society. Actively making donations and participate with charity organizations is always our fundamental believe. We are currently donating and participants of ASPCA, QSAC, Psych, Saint Luke Church, NYU medical research center, Red Cross. We welcome any other charity organizations to contact us.


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